The making of KAOS Weekend Bag

The KAOS Weekend bag has become a favorite when traveling either alone or with children. The idea behind KAOS Weekend bag came when we were on maternity leave with our first children and we started to go on weekend trips with kids.

Traveling with children can be nerve-racking enough in itself, so having control of our luggage was important. There’s a lot going on when you’re out and about and it was important for us to have things easily accessible. Everyone who has traveled with children has experienced how important it is to have their arms free so that they can take care of the kids and hold their hands at all times so they don’t get lost. Therefore it was critical for us to make a bag that could be carried like a bag.

When on the plane there’s little space and with a child on the arm you also need your hands free. Trolleys and regular bags no longer work with kids everywhere. But KAOS Weekend Bag works optimally.

Another thing we love is, of course, the divisions. It is easy to vary from one large compartment to three smaller compartments, and the 3 smaller sections are especially superb when packing for small children with small clothes. So they don’t have to float around in there. Personally I use the sections just as much when I travel alone, I simply love to have some system.

When we started drawing the KAOS Weekend Bag we made a list of what it had to make. The list was long:

– It should be worn on the back

– It had to be comfy to wear

– It had to be unisex

– It had to be cabin size

– It had to be easy to find passports/tickets

– It had to be possible to get inside the bag without taking it down from the cabin

– It should be easy to find the little clothes for the kids in the bag

– You had to feel cool wearing it

– It had to be possible to remove the dividers/sections

It wasn’t easy to solve all these needs in one and the same bag. We let ourselves be inspired by vintage army bags. They were robust and tough. So was the KAOS Weekend Bag.

KAOS Weekend Bag solves all the needs when traveling with children. In addition, it is stylish, comfy and flexible.

Many have used KAOS Weekend bag as a hospital bag cause it’s brilliantly when you have to pack your own clothes with tiny baby clothes.

KAOS weekend bag is suitable for both moms and dads, and it is an excellent gift idea for both him and her. It comes in 3 lovely colors – which is your favorite?