The perfect kids' room

Jules is a mom of two darling boys, and an Interior Stylist specialized in kids interiors. She lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We asked her to share a few tips and tricks for creating the perfect kids’ room.

We love @babyhitparade profile and style, she’s got one of the all time favourite kids’ room we know. Check out this supermom and Interior Stylist “5 best tips of elements” in order to create the perfect kids’ room.

#1 The cozy element

A comfortable bed really is the starting point for a kids’ room. It should be a calming place of rest, in which kids can relax, spend some quiet time, read a book, and hopefully sleep nicely through the night while having the sweetest dreams. An extendible bed is a good investment as it will last you longer. Throw on some cushions and comfy bedding for some extra coziness.  

#2 A fun element

Kids want to move, they want to discover, they want to test out things, so a fun element such as the Kaos wall bar is the perfect addition to any kids room. It attaches securely to the wall and with a nicely padded playmat at the bottom even my 2-year-old climbs it up and down for hours. 

#3 An educational element

Starting with pre-school, it’s nice for kids to have a dedicated place to do schoolwork and learn. This makes it easier to concentrate on. Of course, the desk can always still be used for other activities such a drawing, building with Lego, or doing a puzzle. To save space, we use the Kaos desktop on the wall bar and store this away when the boys want to climb.

#4 A practical element

Lots of storage is an absolute must-have in a kid’s room. We use the space under the bed, and store things away in nice boxes or baskets. The wall pockets for the wall bar allow for some extra storing and the desktop can also be used as a shelf. Win-win!

 #5 A stylish element

Interior decoration has not been limited to adult spaces for a while now – Kidsinteriors are quite the thing. If you keep the furniture simple, and use whites, greys or natural wood, you can easily play with colourful decorative elements without overloading the space. But for kidsrooms I would choose brighter colours than I would use in the rest of the house anyways. It just makes it a happier and more playful place. 

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