The perfect space-saving high chair

KAOS Klapp high chair is foldable and builds only 13 cm when not in use. This makes KAOS Klapp a perfect high chair for restaurants and cafés as well as for private homes.

Klapp is a foldable high chair is an innovation in its category; it folds into 13 cm and lasts throughout childhood without having to adjust anything.

KAOS Klapp with safety rail for kids 6 months. From 36 months age kids normally sit without the safety rail. The safety rail is very easy to remove. Once the safety rail is removed, Klapp high chair is suitable for kids up to 8 years of age.

KAOS Klapp high chair’s fixed ladder is also unique. The ladders invite the child to climb up and down the KAOS Klapp high chair on their own. At the same time, the child gets an ergonomic and comfortable seating. The legs rest naturally at different steps as they grow.

KAOS Klapp high chair for children comes ready assembled. Just unfold the chair and it’s ready for use. It is very easy to keep clean due to it’s smooth and solid finish.

The Klapp hook makes it easy to get the Klapp chair out of the way. Custom designed to easily hang Klapp on the wall from the backrest, turning it into a piece of wall art. The hook comes with a brass screw. The hook is made from solid Oak.