Klapp for movement

The WOWs of KAOS Klapp

Award-winning KAOS Klapp high chair is made for movement. Just like the human body. Join the movement!

This is KAOS Klapp

“WOW! The KAOS Klapp high chair come ready assembled!”
“WOW! The steps should never be adjusted?”
“WOW! The accessories are made from recycled fishnet?!”
And of course: “Wow!! It folds so easily and becomes to space saving!”

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Designed to move

The human body was designed to move. Without freedom to move, our bodies and minds simply won’t function optimally. KAOS Klapp is designed for movement 🤸🏼‍♀️ It just happens to also be super convenient to administrate, and so beautiful to look at with its clean design.

And of course: it’s made with as low an environmental footprint as possible. That’s not WOW to us, though. That’s just common sense.

The WOW is in the design.

The mastermind behind KAOS Klapp, Ole Petter Wullum, based his design on the analogy of a staircase; KAOS Klapp has three fixed step ladders that allow users of any age, up to 110 kg, to quickly sit down and find a comfortable position.

The KAOS Klapp design allows kids to explore newfound heights as they grow and always provides an active, safe, and comfortable sitting position throughout their entire childhood. It also happens to be foldable, made from premium quality, and perhaps the most sustainable choice of high chairs leaving a minimal CO2 footprint.

During our last photoshoot with Aksel Jermstad, we let kids 0-8 years take a seat. To truly demonstrate the facts:  Kids never sit still. So let them move!