Get organized

Some call it a compulsive disorder, we call it a need to organize things when we are traveling 😛

1-3 compartments

Especially after I had children and have to pack for myself and the kids when we’re going to spend a weekend away. It’s actually hopeless with one large compartment in a bag either you’re packing for 1 or 3 people. It’s much easier if the bag has several compartments or sections that makes it easy to have a system. That’s why we made KAOS Weekend Bag; havign 1-3 compartments it’s designed to make travelling easier for you (and the kids).

Weekend bag Mikkel

Cabin size

KAOS Weekend bag holds 40 liters and is suitable as hand luggage on all common airlines. We know sometimes you only need one large section to accommodate larger things, so the KAOS Weekend bag is flexible: you can choose whether you want one large compartment or three compartments. The capacity perfect for a weekend getaway.

Carry as a backpack

Being able to wear KAOS Weened bag as a backpack is also a huge advantage, it’s far more ergonomic to travel with a backpack rather than a suitcase. Not least, you can have your hands free when you have to hold on to the kids at the airport. Keep calm and carry on <3