We're in this together

Dear friends and our awesome KAOS community.

We’re all affected by Covid-19. Are you doing OK?

My boyfriend tested positive last¬†weekend, supposedly he got affected by a colleague. My boyfriend passed it on to me, obviously. We’ve¬†been having¬†chest pain, heavy breath,¬†our lungs have been “burning”. And we’ve been fatigue. However, after 8¬†days¬†it’s starting to let go and we feel a lot better. Even so, we’re prepared to stay isolated¬†for yet 14 days, we’re following every rule from our government.

Mette and her family are in quarantine since we work so closely together. We feel¬†extra protective these days since my mother (and¬†Mettes’ mother-in-law) suffers from leukemia and my father has a weak heart. This bloody virus is contagious like hell, we hope everyone understands the importance of staying away from people.

We work from home like¬†you guys, trying to juggle kids and work. We’re in this together.

Our warehouse¬†is going strong, so are our logistics partners. Our manufactures are going strong as well. Yet overall, things are going¬†slower due to quarantines. Slow is a good sign these days. It means people do what they’re supposed to.

Speaking of slow

Have you seen how the world has changed with regard to climate effects since the lockdowns? The world has got a window to breathe fresh air, with 30% less pollution in the most exposed areas. The sky in Bejing is blue. The water in Venice is clear, they see fish swimming.

Dear parents: This is why we are so devoted to developing products that last through several phases of life. using only high quality, climate-friendly materials. This is why we stopped producing cotton bags last year and instead started recycling PET-bottles from consumer waste to develop our bags. Buy less, choose well and make it last. 

You will be hearing from us more frequently from now as we keep implementing more important changes to our business. It’s important that you know. Because we all need to adjust our behavior and create a change for the good of tomorrow¬†‚Äď for a new era of parents.

Stay healthy!

Gineline & Mette