One chair, three qualities

All you need to know about the KAOS Klapp high chairs.

The KAOS Klapp Concept is iconic, Norwegian design. Top rated and recommended by Industry Experts, and by parents themselves.

Made for movement

The human body was developed to move. Without movement, our bodies and brains don’t function properly.
The Klapp design is based on the analogy of a staircase; children all ages can quickly sit down and find a natural and ergonomic position, resting their feet on the various fixed steps. They can move freely through the meal, through the entire childhood. No need to ever adjust the high chair.

We know life becomes a bit easier with Klapp:

  • Comes ready assembled in the box
  • Needs no assembling
  • Can be used the entire childhood with the various Klapp Attachments
  • It’s easy to put away, and bring on visits
  • Available in three pricepoints


KAOS Klapp

Three Pricepoints

Premium Oak, 239 € / 2399 NOK /

Smooth Beech, 269 € / 2799 NOK /

Recycled Superstar, 199 € / 1999 NOK

KAOS Klapp resirkulert plast

Solid, lightweight and outdoor-friendly

The Klapp High Chair aestethic is lightweight, but the contruction is robust. They hold 110 kg weight-load.

The wood edition weighs no more than 5 kg. The recycled edition weighs only 4 kg and can even be used outdoors!

KAOS Klapp resirkulert

Sustainable choice

Wood is an amazing material. Klapp is made from Premium, FSC-certified wood from local forests in Europe.

The Recycled edition is made from recycled plastic that derives from consumer waste. It keeps 63% lower CO2 emission compared to fossil plastics, and it can be recycled up to 9 times – and made into new, recycled Klapp High Chairs.

Withstands the test of time

Wood is timeless, and a stunning piece of interior that is true to nature. To be loved and used for decades.

The Recycled Editon is mixed with wood fiber for extra strength, leaving a unique touch & feel. Super durable and beautiful. For indoor and outdoor use.

For the entire childhood

All Klapp High Chairs can be used in combination with the full range of Klapp Attachments.

It’s the only high chair you need, providing active seating through the entire childhood. Besides, Klapp can easily be brought on visits and holidays as well.

The Recycled Rockstar

Creating impact and makes a difference!

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True To Nature

We don’t mess with nature.

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