What to pack in the hospital bag?

Ulla has her due date in a couple of weeks and feels ready to finish the pregnancy! Let's have a look at what she packs in her hospital bag.

Getting ready for birth

Ulla is a cool girl who is interested in interior design, trends, and not least: to feel good. As a hospital bag, Ulla has chosen a KAOS Weekend Bag: it fits perfectly with her style and is not least ingenious as a hospital bag to systematize the contents. We got to join when Ulla was packing the hospital bag – spin the video to see what she packed! The list can be found at the bottom of the article.

Most pregnant women go through a more or less laborious “nesting process” where they build a nest for the big gold medal. And packing the hospital bag is actually an important part of this “nesting phase”; one prepares for the last stage of pregnancy. It is impossible to have control over the birth itself. But it is very nice to have control of the hospital bag, and KAOS Weekend Bag gives you an excellent overview with plenty of space for everything you need.

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Ulla’s hospital bag

Ulla had planned her days at the hospital well and received many tips from friends with things they recommended to bring. Still, only you know what you want most, and with KAOS Weekend Bag you can pack both for yourself, your baby, and your partner if you need to. Ulla’s list was long, and everything fit well in KAOS Weekend Bag:

  • Comfortable clothes for herself (sweatpants, tights, singlets, and nursing shirts). Ulla had even packed extra shifts for her boyfriend – talk about mother instinct <3
  • Baby blankets (One wool and one cotton blanket)
  • Slippers
  • Soft toilet roll (heard that the hospital paper is very rough)
  • Baby wipes
  • Breast pads
  • Nursing bras
  • Breastfeeding shield (heard that someone needs it)
  • Pacifiers
  • Drinking bottle – you get thirsty while giving birth and when breastfeeding!
  • Camera
  • Charger for camera and mobile
  • Baby clothes (three bodies and pants)
  • Snuggle-rabbit for the baby
  • Books (in case of the extra time!?)
  • Energy bar
  • Toiletries
  • Nipple cream (Purelan, for both tender nipples and dry lips)

Packing the hospital bag

KAOS Weekend is brilliant to use as a hospital bag. It has 1-3 compartments inside so you can easily keep track of the contents. The weekend bag is designed as a backpack so you can keep your arms free when traveling with the baby. It is cabin size (hand luggage) and holds 40 liters. It has an exterior pocket as well as a handle which means the Weekend bag can be carried either as a backpack or simply in the hand.