5000 diaper bags sold

KAOS Ransel is a Norwegian-designed diaper bag developed by us; two critical mothers with an eye for design and functionality. Since 2015 we have delivered diaper bags to a whole bunch of satisfied parents in Norway and abroad. So far we´ve sold over 5000 diaper bags, and the number is growing. Good recommendations from customers create new customers, and this is how we keep growing.

Design + funktionality

The whole reason why we established KAOS in 2015 was to develop products for toddlers combining design and functionality in a good way. We missed this in the category. We are toddler mothers ourselves and live in the same chaos as our customers. We know our customers need to make everyday life easier. With our background from design we know that one does not need to be at the expense of the other. KAOS Ransel diaper bag is a superb example of how you can combine design and functionality.

diaper bag backpack

A format that suits everyday life

KAOS Ransel nappy bag is designed as a backpack. This was perhaps the most important experience we made as toddler’s moms: you need a nappy bag that can be worn on your back to keep your arms free. God knows there is a lot to carry at all times.

Diaper bag fits all strollers

Fits perfectly on all strollers

KAOS Ransel diaper bag is designed to fit perfectly on all strollers, including twin strollers. KAOS Ransel nappy bag can either be hung on the stroller using the shoulder strap that comes with all Ransels. Alternatively, you can hang the KAOS Ransel diaper bag straight onto the stroller hooks if you have. KAOS Stroller hooks can be bought separately.

Diaper bag wit many pockets

Get organized with 8 pockets

KAOS Ransel diaper bag holds a volume of 15 liters. You have plenty of room for everything you need to bring when you’re out and about. It has 8 pockets that make it easy to organize your content. The padded changing mat is included in all Ransel diaper bags.


diaper bag pockets

Much more than a nappy bag

The KAOS Ransel diaper bag design is unique. It doesn’t look like a diaper bag to allow for much more flexibility. KAOS Ransel is cool and stylish, developed in high-quality materials with genuine leather details and custom molded metal parts. Both mamas and papas feel good wearing a KAOS Ransel, and this was very important when the design was developed.

Diaper bag changing mat

Padded changing mat included

The padded changing mat is located in the front pocket, so when the baby no longer uses diapers you simply get rid of the changing mat. That way KAOS Ransel becomes like a regular backpack. You can fit a 15″ laptop in it as well, so you can use it long after diaper days are over. KAOS Ransel diaper bag comes in assorted selections of colors, some limited editions and we add seasonal colors to the collection.