On-The-Spot is a unique benefit for everyone in the KAOS family: First-come, first-served: you can save up to 40%. Keep your finger on the trigger. Are you ready?

Product development has many stages and we involve you, our customers, as early and as often as possible. When we get an idea, we ask the KAOS family (note: everyone who follows us on newsletters and in social media) for input. When the product is on the drawing table, the KAOS family gets to decide on the details. After all, we don’t make things just for our own sake – we make it for all of us, a new era of parents.

Finally, when the product is ready for the production line, we reserve a limited number of products that selected members of the KAOS family get the opportunity to buy at a bargain price, up to a 40% discount. We call this concept “On-The-Spot”.

“On-The-Spot” is simply about being in the right place at the right time to hijack a “Spot” at a discount. In return, you have to wait longer for delivery as the product is on the production line at the time of purchase.

KAOS grunderne

How to prepare:

1. Join the KAOS-family.
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2. Follow us - and pay attention
We always give a little "warning" before a new product reaches "On-The-Spot", both on mail and on social media. Follow our newsletter + Instagram and Facebook, so you are prepared and can sharpen focus when it closes in.
3. Be prepared to act fast!
Like lightning from clear sky you will receive an email with instructions on how to hijack a "Spot". Be ready, do as you are told, as fast as you can. First come, first served. Good luck!

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