KAOS production and certificates

We think it’s weird to develop kids’ gear without truly caring about their future.

We developed KAOS after we had kids of our own because we wanted to contribute to positive change in an industry that produces an extremely high volume. By taking more conscious choices, from early stages in R&D throughout production, we can actually make a huge impact.

The things that matters

Already when entering the R&D phase, our focus is longevity; We have made a pledge to design beautiful products that will last longer and are made from premium, certified materials. We have developed a strong identity that people know KAOS by;

Clever functionality allows for KAOS products to last through several phases of life, even if the child (or you) grows out of one phase and into a new one. We know how time flies, but we make sure KAOS products remain relevant in the longer run.

Timeless design. Our Norwegian heritage and Scandinavian Design genes are infused in everything we do, KAOS will surely not go out of fashion. Aesthetics is important to us because by investing in beautiful things you truly love, you will take better care of them. People truly love their KAOS, which again leads to a long lifespan for our products.

Premium quality is key to longevity. It doesn’t help if a product looks beautiful if it’s made of poor quality because you end up having to replace it sooner than later. We are obsessed with premium quality that will withstand the test of time.

Our certifications are your guarantee. We carefully select our materials and manufacturers to make sure the materials are certified according to given standards, and that our manufacturers operate under the best possible conditions.

KAOS Textile production

We recycle plastic waste into robust textiles and develop the most beautiful bags for parents and all the heroes of tomorrow.

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KAOS wood production

Our furniture is made by some of Europe’s most well-knowned, appreciated wood manufacturers. We source as much as we can from local markets and strive to practice zero-waste production.

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Our certifications

We’ve learned that the world is full of surprices. Working with certified materials and formal standards is the only way to gain control of production.

Learn more about the different certifications we operate with.