Hi there! This is our story.

As new parents, we were shocked when we realized how many things we had to buy. They cost a fortune, had a short lifespan, were poorly designed, and lacked essential functionality. They were not produced sustainably either.

We decided to do something about this. And so KAOS was established.


Our need as parents

With a strong commitment to creating better products and with great respect for the planet and the environment, we established KAOS in 2014. We originate from communication, design, and digital branding, and we launched our own online store and our first product, the KAOS Ransel, in 2015. The first batch of bags was delivered to the garage facility under our apartment. Our first “warehouse” was our living room, and we packed orders in the evening after our “real job” had been overcome over and the kids were put to bed. With babies in our arms, we were in the middle of our own target group. All the products we have developed have come from a real need we’ve had as parents, and with an undeniable urge to change an industry for the better.

A small family business with great ambitions

A lot has happened since the launch of KAOS Ransel in 2015, but we are still the two founders + 1 full-time employee who does everything. We have developed a number of products, we have more in progress and we are continuously developing the products we already have.

From being a side project alongside other jobs with a warehouse in the living room, we quit other jobs and went all in to build KAOS in 2016. Since then, we have had an online store and physical showroom at Bjølsen, and a 3PL warehouse in Sweden that ships orders to the whole world in 1-3 days. We work directly with private customers via our own website because we are passionate about telling them why we do what we do. And to be honest: we can’t afford to sell only through retailers with the pricing strategy we have chosen. Everything we do is about serving our customers: KAOS will benefit you, your children, and their future.