Endeløs single module
Endeløs single module
Endeløs single module

Endeløs single module

It's slim, single and ready to mingle. Use this module alone, with Endeløs accessories or combine it with other modules to create your own, unique setup.

99.00 USD
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About the product

Endeløs single module consists of two panels and four ribs. Use it alone or connect it to an other single module or any of the other Endeløs set ups.

Dimensions 62,5 x 62,5 cm Builds 13 cm from the wall Package: 15x15x74 cm
Weight 2 kg
Materials Ash (white pigmented oil) Gold brass hardware White glasfiber brackets
Vertical setup specifications

Endeløs vertical setup comes flat packed and is really easy to assemble.

From climbing wall to storage

It grows with the family

As the kids grow older you can add a variety of accessories; canvas shelves for books, storage bags for toys and KAOS Endeløs become super practical and decorative storage.

Kids first desktop

From practical storage to the kids first desktop

Snap-on snap-off Endeløs desktop on any rib on the KAOS Endeløs vertical setup. Perfect space-saving desktop for small kids room.

Wall bar system flexible

Our patented mounting system gives you 100% flexibility

KAOS Endeløs has a patented system that makes it 100% flexible. You can add modules vertically or horizontally to create functional furniture in all sorts of formats.

Endeløs single module