Klapp Wall Hook
Klapp Wall Hook
Oak Natural (Premium Oak)

Klapp Wall Hook

Little and strong! This stylish hook in solid wood allows you to hang Klapp folding high chair on the wall. Like a piece of art!

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About the product

Fun fact: The Klapp Hooks are made from waste that's left after production of Klapp high chair.

And then to the serious part: Did you know that climbing on high chairs without adult supervision is one of the most common causes of accidents with high chairs on a general basis? That's right, dear friend. But no worries. Klapp is easy to fold and put away. Make it a habit to put Klapp away or hang it up – with this little hook you'll have no excuse.

A brass screw is included with the wooden hook.

Dimensions 4,5 x 5,5 cm
Weight 0,1 kg
Materials OAK (cuts from KAOS Klapp High Chiar) Brass skrews

KAOS Klapp blir lekker veggpryd!

En liten og sterk krok til Klapp som enkelt lar deg henge stolen opp på veggen. Veldig kjekt når du vil ha litt ekstra gulvplass.

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Klapp Wall Hook

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