Rather too little than too much

At KAOS we take our responsibility for the environment very seriously, simply because it's our kids' future. Help us avoid overproduction.

When we set out in this business we set out on a mission to do everything we can to change an industry where overproduction has been going on for too long. We rather produce too little than too much. And since we’re a business in growth, we often tend to run out of stock. That’s a very healthy thing! It means we should produce more, not less.

By pre-ordering, you make it easier for us to calculate the correct colors and amounts we need to produce. You help avoid overproduction. This especially counts for our furniture where on-demand-production is a reality. With our textiles, the lead time is currently too low and there’s not yet a technology for us to use to manufacture bags on-demand. but we’ll get there. We’ll work hard to get there.

So when you see a pre-order-button, instead of thinking “crap! I can’t have it tomorrow, buhuu!”. You should think “awesome! there’s no overproduction going on in this house!”

Pre-order when you can. Wait a little longer for a better product that we carefully design, produce and ship directly to you. No middlemen. You’ll get the same high quality at a lower price because we take distance from overproduction. For the good of tomorrow.

Thank you for your pre-orders. We love you.