Congratulations with your Klapp high chair!

Klapp is a beautiful high chair of premium quality that will last the entire childhood. Remember to take good care of it, and it will keep in good shape throughout the years.

Take 60 seconds to watch our safety- and instructions video, and you will be ready to rumble and take Klapp into use the minute it arrives. Enjoy!

General info

First of all, KAOS Klapp is certified according to EN 14988, and we always keep up with the latest version of the standard.

KAOS Klapp must always be placed on a stable, even surface without friction that does not prevent the chair from tipping backward. Carpets, rugs, and uneven flooring are not suitable surfaces to place KAOS Klapp upon.

KAOS Klapp high chair has been tested to withstand a load of up to 110 kg, but it is not designed to use as a stepladder. It must not be used with “booster” seats that lift the child higher up. KAOS Klapp must never be used with accessories that are not manufactured by KAOS, as this may affect the chair’s stability and safety.

For safety reasons, the child must always be within reach and under supervision. Never leave the child unattended when sitting in a high chair. Also, Klapp is super easy to fold and put away, so you can prevent the child from climbing on it when the high chair is not in use.

Care of

Klapp is made from premium, certified wood. Each part is hand-picked and lacquered by hand, piece by piece. To keep clean, we do not recommend using soap or chemicals, the best way to keep the surface clean is to wipe with a clean, damp microfiber cloth. Wipe clean after every meal to avoid any leftovers to get stuck.

No adjustments as years go by

KAOS Klapp is designed to not be adjusted as a child grows, so it is impossible to misadjust anything.

The fixed ladder steps allow the child to grow naturally into new sitting positions and at the same time they allow the child to vary their leg position. An active seating position is good for achieving the best possible blood circulation while the child is sitting. The steps also allow the child to find balance and support.

The double, curved backrest ensures optimal ergonomics by letting the child sit in a natural position that provides full support and does not overload the child’s growing spine.

The safety rail for KAOS Klapp is easy to put on and off and is secured with a snap button under the seat. Klapp’s safety rail has extra good and stable support also sideways to give the youngest children the best possible support.

Quality time around the table, and a natural part of the interior

KAOS Klapp is designed to blend in as a natural part of your interior. Its simple expression and clean design make Klapp a beautiful addition to your dining table. It masters to combine function and form just brilliantly.

KAOS Klapp lets the child sit comfortably and varied at the table together with the rest of the family. This helps to promote the child’s emotional and social development during meals. For the sake of the child’s safety, you must always keep the child within reach and under supervision, and never place high chairs on surfaces where there is a risk of friction.

Foldable high chair, ready assembled

KAOS Klapp high chair comes ready assembled in the box and requires no assembly. Fold-out the chair legs and push the seat down until you hear a “click”, and Klapp is ready to use.

To fold the chair together, we have developed a two-step locking mechanism under the seat;

  1. Pull the locking pin to the left before tilting the rear part of the seat up.
  2. Push the hind legs all the way in towards the front legs, so that the seat slides up and in under the backrest.
    When folded together, KAOS Klapp builds 13 cm in-depth and is easy to put away or take with you.

Accessory for KAOS Klapp high chair

The safety rail for KAOS Klapp is used from the children can sit upright themself (approx. 6 months) and is recommended up to 36 months. The safety rail provides good and stable support, also laterally. It is easy to put on / off and is secured with a snap button under the seat.

The cushion set for KAOS Klapp is designed to fit the chair both with and without a safety rail, so you can use on e cushion set longer. The cushion set can also be converted and uses on both sides. The fabric is easy to keep clean with a damp cloth, and can also be machine washed at 40 degrees.

Rubber strap for KAOS Klapp safety rail made of soft and robust rubber, in vibrant colors. Super easy to keep clean, and looks great if you want a cool detail. Must be purchased separately.

Hook for KAOS Klapp made of surplus material from the chair production. With the hook, you can hang KAOS Klapp up on the wall and get it out of the way. The hook is subtle and neat, a screw is included. Any plug for the wall must be purchased separately from your preferred hardware store.

Klapp Slippers acts as an extKlapp Slippers should always be used when KAOS Klapp Newborn Set is in use, but they are also great to provide extra stability and to help prevent tilting backward.

(Coming soon) Tray for KAOS Klapp is under development and coming soon.

(Coming soon) Baby Seat for KAOS Klapp is under development and coming soon.