The world: Meet the worlds first high chair developed for a circular economy!

Two years ago could have been the end of business for KAOS. Instead, we invested in innovation, we decided to push limits and set a whole new standard for the industry. For future generations.


Sales were peaking as we entered Covid, and KAOS was making profit. Then, through the pandemic, we experienced the worst supply chain issue ever; We were prevented to source wood as raw material, and we couldn’t supply our Hero Product, the KAOS Klapp high chair, for 12 months. KAOS was left last in line at our manufacturers, because all their other customers, aka larger brands, were increasing sales as well, and in need for increased supply. Being a small brand in growth was simply impossible.

Covid could have been the end of story for KAOS. At the same time, we were in development of the attachments for Klapp high chair, and had been researching on recycled plastics that would be compatible with the Baby Gear industry standards. We identified several sources of raw materials, and we questioned: Can we develop the entire high chair from recycled plastic, with plastic waste being a source that is flooding in this world?

Two years ago we decided to invest everything we had – and more – to find out.

We partnered with world leading players across industry disciplines. And we received 2 Million NOK funding from Norwegian Retailers Environment Fund to realize our project.

This week we couldn’t be more proud to launch the result during Kind & Jugend, Cologne, Germany.

Friends, partners, prospects and beloved fellow colleagues and competition: This is KAOS Klapp – The Recycled Edition – aka the worlds first circular high chair. Made from 100% recycled plastic that derives from consumer waste.

Delivery is estimated to start Q1 2024.

The Technical Innovation of ReKlapp

ReKlapp high chair is the most technologically advanced plastic project our eminent engineer has ever worked on, in his 30 year long career. The technology is not new, but the combination of technology and material on the front legs and steps is unique: Recycled plastic combined with wood fiber, timed sequential injection at 5 points and then gas injection to distribute the material into a tube shape.

If you lift the chair, you will see how light it is. The rib structure and tube shape give strength exactly where it is needed with a minimum of material, weight and co2 footprint.

At the end of life, all parts can be easily separated for recycling. We might have been able to patent this concept, but it is not the KAOS style. Things that help save the planet should be available to everyone who wants to help.

KAOS will keep leading the way for a better tomorrow for future generations.

The environmental performance of the material we use

The recycled PP material used for ReKlapp is significantly lowering the carbon footprint of products and contributing to the fight against climate change. Replacing virgin plastic will not only help reach our company’s sustainability goals, it also contributes to several key UN Sustainable Development Goals. (Source: Fortum Circo Lifecycle Assessment Study)

Due to traceability of the material and items, each ReKlapp high chair can be recycled 9 times, allowing an estimated product lifespan of 225 years.

Our Partners

We are proud to work with world leading partners to make ReKlapp come to life.
Fortum provides us with qualified material, and help secure the circularity of the product. The material is sourced from Finland.
Wicro is our eminent manufacturer that is now ready to ramp up production of ReKlapp. The production takes place in the Netherlands.
Norwegian Retailers Environment Funds has provided 2 Million NOK funding, and helped us realize our project.