Zero Waste mentality

When KAOS Klapp is undergoing production, we make use of every splinter.

We refuse to overproduce. And when producing, we strive to be left with zero-waste. Our manufacturer of chairs is one of the most competent wood manufacturers in Europe, and they’ve come a far way with regards to production. This is why we love working with them.

For instance, we designed the hooks for KAOS Klapp to be little enough so we could make it from leftover material from production. That’s pretty cool, we think. And further, what’s left of wood and cutouts after that – and in general at the factory – is used to fuel the factory with heat and keep the factory warm and comfy all year round.

And speaking of refusing to overproduce; this is simply why you’ll see “pre-order” on several of our items in our webshop. By pre-ordering you help us better control the quantities plus we can avoid ordering the wrong colours.

When you pre-order and order on-demand, we know exactly what to make. Zero-waste has never been easier.