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We are the founders of KAOS, Gineline Kalleberg and Mette Bordal Hansen. We live in Oslo, Norway and we happen to be sisters-in-law. In total, we have 4 kids. Becoming parents made us want to change the entire industry. Coming from design and marketing, with more than 12 years of experience from Norway’s largest advertising and media agencies, we launched KAOS in 2015 with the ambition to shape how parents consume by designing for the good of tomorrow.

As parents, we have learned how many things to buy when you have your first child. The list is as long as the price is high. But what bothered us most was how short a life span the products had because kids grow so fast. We developed a use-and-discard mentality that felt absolutely ridiculous. The products were not particularly stylish either, to our taste. We felt an urge to do something about this.

We started to make things we wanted ourselves. We have a very functional approach when we develop products because our products should make everyday life with kids a little easier. At the same time, we are passionate about the clean, timeless expression for which Norwegian design is recognized. And it is precisely this breaking point between functionality and aesthetics KAOS has been known to master.

We create functional products that last through several stages of life. And is manufactured with the lowest environmental footprint possible, to give our children as safe a future as possible.

It turned out that many people wanted the things we made. Before we knew it, 8 out of 10 moms in a maternity group had our KAOS Ransel. We had found a sweet spot where timeless fashion met functional needs. We managed KAOS for one year alongside other demanding jobs, before deciding that the time was right to go all in.

Since 2015, we have developed a growing collection, and we have just started. KAOS creates high-quality functional design products that last through several stages of life. And is manufactured with the lowest environmental footprint possible, so we can give our children the safest future possible.

We will never let functionality compromise on design, and vice versa. We rather dedicate more time to development, until the product is perfect. We don’t do anything halfway. Our determination has resulted in award winning designs and patents that we are incredibly proud of.

It is a truth that you take better care of things you love. We know you will love your KAOS products.



“On-The-Spot” is simply about being in the right place at the right time to hijack a “Spot” at a discount. In return, you have to wait longer for delivery as the product is on the production line at the time of purchase.

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Better quality at a better price

We used to be stocked by over 70 retailers. In June 2019, we decided to skip retailers as middlemen. We struggled to keep the desired quality due to many extra markups from the retailer side, and instead of increasing the retail prices to keep the high quality we simply cut the retailers to avoid their markup. Now we ship directly to you from our warehouse in Sweden, VAT free within EU.

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Responsible production

We are proud to work with some of the best manufacturers in the world. Learn more about our production, why it is important to keep the right certifications and why you are doing something good when purchasing a KAOS product.

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