Responsible parenting for future generations

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KAOS is a Norwegian lifestyle brand for parents, launched 2015. Becoming parents for the first time, we were shocked to learn how many things we had to buy. They either cost a fortune, were poorly designed, had a short lifespan, or suffered from poor quality. On top of that, we craved for better functionality, and a more sustainable production!

KAOS was born to secure a better future for upcoming generations. While making life with kids a bit easier an more enjoyable.

team kaos

Our need as parents

With a strong commitment to creating better products and with great respect for the planet and the environment, we established KAOS in 2014. We originate from communication, design, and digital branding, and we launched our own online store and our first product, the KAOS Ransel, in 2015. The first batch of bags was delivered in the garage facility under our apartment. Our first “warehouse” was our living room, and we packed orders in the evening after our “real job” had been overcome over and the kids were put to bed. With babies in our arms, we were in the middle of our own target group. All the products we have developed have come from a real need we’ve had as parents, and with an undeniable urge to change an industry for the better.

A small family business with great ambitions

A lot has happened since the launch of KAOS Ransel in 2015, but we are still the two founders + 1 fulltime employee who does everything. We have developed a number of products, we have more in progress and we are continuosly developing the products we already have.

From being a side project alongside other jobs with a warehouse in the living room, we quit other jobs and went all in to build KAOS in 2016. Since then, we have had an online store and physical showroom at Bjølsen, and a 3PL warehouse in Sweden that ships orders to the whole world in 1-3 days. We work directly with private customers via our own website because we are passionate about telling why we do what we do. And we work with strategic partners in Nordics and Europe to help take KAOS to the world.

Strong values

KAOS was established by Gineline Kalleberg and Mette Bordal Hansen when they were looking for products that could make everyday life with kids easier. Along the way, they discovered a great need for the entire industry to improve. KAOS was launched in 2015 and has since then been relentlessly concerned with building a brand with a strong value base.

Our mission

KAOS makes parents’ everyday life better, for the good of the children, and with great respect to the future.

We are ambitious and dedicated and work towards a vision that motivates us every single day. The vision will be realized by designing smart, sourcing sustainable, and producing responsibly. For the joy of parents, for the good of the children, and with great respect for the future. No compromise.

We will never stop improving

The world is constantly changing and things are changing fast. We must keep the same pace. We will never stop developing and improving, be it everything from the choice of materials to functionality or the way we distribute.

the future generation

We will make choices that are in the best interests of the children and their future

As parents, you want the best for your child. This was also our motivation with KAOS. We will always make choices that enable children to be safe and happy. This relates to everything from safe products to the choice of materials, and to how we can produce and distribute with as low an environmental footprint as possible.

We take great responsibility

We will not just make things because we want something nice, we will drive innovation for the good of tomorrow. We identify needs and challenge the status quo. We design smarter and produce more sustainably, so you can get better alternatives. KAOS gives you things that last longer and ultimately: allows you to buy fewer things.

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Work hard, play hard

KAOS is not a job, but a lifestyle, and we love it. To succeed, we must invest hard work, 24/7. So we always need to add some fun to make the most out of our work. We must follow our hearts and never underestimate the gut feeling. We must be fearless. A smile and a good laugh are often the best medicine.