Klapp Tray
Klapp Tray

Klapp Tray

Klapp Tray is an attachable tray for Klapp high chair, made from 50% recycled plastic.

NB. Must be used with Klapp Plastic Safety Rail, the Klapp Tray is not compatible with the Klapp Wooden rail.

For kids up to 36 months.

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About the product

The Klapp Tray puts everything within the child’s reach. It helps the child to more easily focus on what’s on the tray instead of being disturbed by what’s going on in the surroundings.

Klapp Tray is made from 50% recycled fishnet from post-industrial waste, hence the hint of green. By choosing the Klapp Tray you contribute to prevent ghost fishing and make great use of ocean waste. We encourage you to pass it down to friends and family and help us make it live forever.
 Note: Must be attached to the recycled edition of the Safety Rail. Not compatible to the wooden Safety Rail. Klapp Safety Rail in plastic and Klapp Tray are recyclable up to 9 times. Learn more about the material and why it’s green here.

Klapp Tray

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