When we founded KAOS it was with one goal in mind: we wanted to make functional design and quality products. And offer them at the lowest price.

We've eliminated costly middlemen so you can pay less for good design: when we set our retail prices we exclude the margins used by physical stores in the calculation, in order to keep the price in our online store as low as possible. If we took into account physical stores margins when calculating retail prices for our products you would have to pay a significantly higher price. On the other hand, it means we don't have much profit from selling to our retailers. Then again, we choose not to have many retailers, we simply focus on selling online ourselves. 

To make it easier to understand we've outlined our pricing model. This is how it works: if we have a cost of € 50 on a product, the KAOS Price is the price we sell for in our own webshop and online, while Retail Price shows how much we would have to increase the price if we were to include physical stores margins.

KAOS-on-the-spot price is our best deal, you can learn more about that here:

When we develop products we carefully consider e-commerce, warehousing and logistics as important factors. We work a lot with weights and measures and how to package goods most efficiently so we can offer free/low rate shipping and returns to our customers.


We carefully select a small range of stores since we know physical availability is important to some of our customers. We consider physical stores a part of our marketing budget that helps us grow rather than something that gives us profit. A full list of our retailers is to be found here.

Aesthetics and a sense of smartness

We love creating functional products that helps conquer challenges in everyday life with kids. We work to promote Scandinavian design and are relentlessly committed to add smartness and details.


Our customers are the reason why KAOS exist. As a thank you for supporting us you can get perks in return. You will get the chance to buy upcoming products to -50% of KAOS Price. We call it being KAOS-on-the-spot. Learn more about the spot and other perks here and simply Join the KAOS to get going.