Pre-order in December, put a gift card under the tree.

We are live! But shipping has to wait a few more weeks, peeps...

We are very flattered by requests from those who want to give KAOS away for xmas! Sorry they cannot be physically delivered under the xmas tree, to be honest the first batch has taken a bit more time in order to get all details in place. Now, everything is in production, and we look forward to start shipping in mid January. Horray!

Anyways, for those who want to give some KAOS-gear for xmas, we've made a little "gift card" for you to print, fill in and put under the tree. Just a little something, If you want. You can download the gift card by saving this image, then just print it out.

Please note that the batch we are producing in this round is of limited quantity. We recommend to pre-order before January if you want to be one of the first ones to own an original KAOS product. We also love earlybirds, so we've set up an earlybird-discount. If you're thinking about getting a KAOS Ransel you'll get -15% if you pre-order in December 2014.

Again, thanks for following, we are humble and happy for your support <3

Hope you find something you like. 

*High 5*