Oh My Dad

You wanna know what's cool? Several of our customers are men!

In fact, we get lots of feedback from guys saying how glad they've found a diaper-backpack with all them departments that helps daddyos organize all the babystuff, while allowing them to feel like a man when carrying all the babystuff around. That's awesome. 

We also get feedback from mamas who have bought a Ransel for dad, so he can enjoy his maternity leave even more. It's smart to make dad feel smart when he's out and about, the walks will be longer and the quality time with kiddo will be even more. Great gift idea! Let me add that this is the perfect gift to Mom as well. Win-win!

The fact that we get such feedback means we did something right, cause we always wanted a diaperbag that was unisex. Dads loves Ransel, and Ransel loves dads. Whoowaaa!