Launching on Kickstarter in November

Launching on Kickstarter in November

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KAOS Endeløs is a collab with Permafrost, and they have been creating magic from their end developing a patent pending solution when it comes to how the modules connect to each other.

We're currently preparing for launch. KAOS Endeløs will be launched exclusively on Kickstarter in November. Kickstarter is the number one crowdfunding platform and we really hope to get enough backers to help us with the two final things before we can start shipping:


1. Create moulds for the different brackets 

With Endeløs being a modular system we need to develop some brackets. The brackets covers the ends of each module and make it look smashing, plus they allows you to actually mount it on the wall. FYI: Custom moulds are expensive! But it's a must when developing such an ingenious piece of furniture, patent pending and all. Our design prototypes have brackets printed in 3D so in order to move on to production we need to produce the real deal. 

2. Then, amigos: we hit production

We need help to kickstart the first bulk production. The Kickstarter campaign will last for 30-40 days and our ultimate goal is to collect the funding we need to hit production by January. Once in production, estimated delivery to every backer on Kickstarter is April 2018. 

Why kickstarter?

3 years down the road KAOS is still a start up. Even though we’ve been tripling our turnover yearly every penny is invested in organic growth - the growing volume of exciting products. Therefore, in order to get enough funding for the first bulk order of a brand new product like Endeløs we will turn to Kickstarter for crowdfunding. We’ll also open for pre-orders from our website. And everything will happen before Christmas. If ever, we’ll be needing your help to back, support, share and cheer. Small businesses without investors like us rely on you and on crowdfunding in order to take it to the next level. And if anyone can take this to the next lever, it’s KAOS x PERMAFROST. And that's a promise.

You can start by signing up to get notified once we launch on Kickstarter + open for pre-orders. Simply follow this link and leave your email. That’s all. For now. We owe you big time, and of course all early birds and pre-orders will benefit for making a contribution. Let's do this!