KAOS Endeløs update

KAOS Endeløs update

Hey everybody,

it's time for a KAOS Endeløs update! KAOS Endeløs launched on Kickstarter in November. 3 weeks later we had reached our goal and got the funding we needed to get started with production. Our goal was furthermore to get the production going and to have KAOS Endeløs in stock during April 2018. How is that going, you say? We are ALMOST on track. But there has been a couple of delays we had not planned for. No worries though, it has only affected delivery by 4-8 weeks. 

First thing first: We successfully received patent!! So now, dear friends, we hold a patent for the easy, ingenious mounting in which you connect the modules together. Whoaa! Not everyone manage to get a patent, so we feel very proud to have accomplished so. Thanks to Permafrost for being so clever :-)

We definetively have started the production of KAOS Endeløs, but the production is somewhat complex. It's not like we have one manufacturer handling everything on our behalf. No, no no. Here's the set up, so you understand what we're dealing with:

The brackets and custom moulds

Rubber feet - Feet bracket - Wall bracket - End bracket 

The brackets were the first thing we had to get started with - they are the connectors to everything. We needed to have 100% brackets in place before we could develop the milling tool we need to cut the right shape in the wood, for instance.

The brackets are developed from glas fiber, so the first thing was to create the moulds. We have a great partner to assist us with the glas fiber production and production of the moulds. And we have a superb manufacturer in China to handle everything. So we're in good hands. But we had to go some extra rounds to make sure the wall brackets and end brackets would slide smoothly onto each other. The first samples we got didn't slide smooth enough so we had to tune and optimise. Then we had to tune the embossed logo on the end brackets. 

We also had to go an extra round to make sure the friction of the rubber feet was good enough. This is important to make sure the vertical set up stands safely without slipping and without leaving bad marks on your floor.

All together it took us 3 more weeks than expected to finish the brackets. But they are ready now, and they look smashing. Perfection!

The screws

This production takes as much as 5 months so it was actually the first thing we did in December. We placed an order of 20 000 customized screws from a second manufacturer based in Taiwan. We need custom (loooong) screws to connect two modules through the wall bracket and into the wall. This is going on as we speak, we're just waiting to get hold of a few pieces from the batch that will be used for testing and certification of the vertical set up. 

The wall bars

The main character! We have a manufacturer for the wall bars in Lithuania and they have been waiting to receive the 100% approved wall brackets in order to start production of the correct milling tool. We need a custom milling tool in order to cut the right shape in the wood. This will allow the wood and wall-brackets to slide perfectly onto each other and you can easily mount KAOS Endeløs how you want. (This is what the patent is all about, btw - how the wall brackets and wood connect to each other). 

The textile shelves, organizer and storage bag

Our manufacturer of textile is our current supplier of cotton canvas and leather, that we already use for our other products. So far we have done 2 rounds of sampling, and we're about to get the second samples in our hands. 

The first samples were too thin, so we had to increase the Oz of the canvas to make it more robust. We also decided to add leather details to all of them :-P Simply because it truly increases the quality, look and feel. It's the real deal. You'll love it, and you'll thank us later. 

For the second samples we are testing out some new colours as well. Instead of making textile in pink-ish and bluegreen-ish, we want to go for more neutral options. This will make them fit anywhere and with the leather details we added they will look smashing. 

The desktop

We have a ready supplier for this in Lithuania but we want to benchmark some more before we start. The desktop is still no rush, so we're not worried. We rather need to find the best producer with a fair price to produce it. 

What's next

The milling tool will be ready produced in week 9, and in week 10 (March 6th) we are going to Lithuania to check up on production. This will be the first time we see a master sample with all master samples (bracketc, screws, everything) so we are very excited. We'll make sure to film, take photos and keep you posted!