On-the-Spot: KAOS Paradishopp

On-the-Spot: KAOS Paradishopp

KAOS-on-the-spot - are you ready? It's a clean cut and cool rug which now hits production, the KAOS Paradishopp. And you can purchase the rug at 50% discount! But hurry up, the offer applies only for a limited amount and lasts only for 7 days (unkess the stock sell out sooner). You must have Joined the KAOS within 7th August to access the exclusive offer.

We loved playing hopscotch when we were little and now we want to pass on the tradition yo our kids. In addition to being a stylish and cool accessories in the room in a modern Scandinavian home, the hopscoths rug encourages to play. It's a super activity that improves the balance and coordination, which is great for the development of kids gross motor skills. We love that!

KAOS Paradishopp will do excellent in the kids room, but is really a playful addition to any room. We're currently testing it in the living room and the hallway, which seems to be a true pleasure when we have guests in the house. Even adults can't resist to jump when passing by ;-)

On-the-spot price will be SEK 249, - // EUR 23,5 // DKK 195,- On August 7, we give all who have registered access to the offer. You truly have to be on-the-spot cause we have a limited amount of rugs. The offer lasts until 14th August (or as soon as they run out of stock).

If you signed up but missed the discount, you will still be invited to pre-order the hopscotch rug, so you can still grab a piece for yourself. However, pre-orders will be at normal price, while the rugs are being shipped from our manufacturer in India to our warehouses in Norway and Sweden.

When the item is in stock, KAOS Paradishopp will be available to everyone. KAOS price will be SEK 499,- // 52 EUR // 395 DKK,- (exchange rates may vary).

Dimensions: 90x170 cm
Material: 100% cotton
Colour: Natural white with black print
Anti-slip surface is recommended and must be purchased separately (IKEA or similar)

Expected delivery is late September.